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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we're tracking very clear skies. the clouds just back to our west. and the clouds spill in first. back behind that rain, even snow. i'm not expecting the snow here i am expecting a chance of rain but not until after sunset this evening. let's talk about the temperatures. we're now 29 degrees in raleigh. we've fallen a degree the past hour. durham is now 28. 27 roxboro. 26 south hill and henderson. hands down, this is the coldest we've been all week and the coldest that we will be as we head into the coming days. so that is some good news, just bundle up, get through this morning as you head out. 32, at freezing at 8:00 a.m. 45 at noon. 51 our afternoon high and i do think we'll be looking at pretty cloudy skies by 3:00 today. our normal for this time of year 59. so well below where we should be. chance of rain arrives say 8:00, 9:00 this evening. i'll let you know how much rain we're expecting and when it
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complete stormteam forecast. let's check traffic now. here's i-40 and airport boulevard. a few cars in either direction. maybe an early morning flight? good news is no delays on the roadways this morning. so let's check with the live drive conditions, in the green, i-440, if you're north of downtown and if you're heading westbound moving at 60 miles per hour. more on traffic and weather in 10 minutes. voters in our state can begin to cast their ballots for the presidential primary, early voting starts today. >> something voters need to keep in mind, this is the first year you will have to show id to vote. >> if you missed the early voting registration deadline you can still do same day registration, stop by a polling place in your home county. early voting is through saturday march 12th, primary set for tuesday, march 15th. republican presidential candidates are gearing up for
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detroit without ben carson. >> meanwhile donald trump is fending off attacks from within his own party. >> reporter: republican presidential frontrunner donald trump is locked in another battle. this time against mitt romney expected to blast the billionaire during his speech on the state of the gop race today. >> i want universal coverage. >> reporter: trump posted this video to his facebook page wednesday night questioning romney's conservative credentials. so far romney attacked trump over his refusal to release tax returns and failure to immediately disavow kkk leader david duke. in an open letter more than 50 prominent republicans also challenged trump but it could backfire. >> there's no guarantee, attacks from the establishment could very well make trump stronger. >> that's the only part of the plan? >> reporter: in tots debate marco rubio is expected to step up attacks especially over his
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that includes repealing obama care. >> if we choose donald trump as the nominee we'll lose in november. >> ted cruz urged other candidates to drop out of the race. >> if you've been supporting ben carson or john kasich or marco rubio, all good honorable men we welcome you on our team. >> reporter: carson withdrew from tonight's debate following the results of super tuesday. the retired neurosurgeon says he sees no path forward to the nomination. reporting from washington, don champion, north carolina news. back locally now, preparations are underway for gop frontrunner donald trump's visit to fayetteville. next wednesday night he'll address supporters at the crown coliseum. it's the second campaign visit for trump in north carolina. we were there as he held a rally in raleigh in december. today the garner fire department is hoping wake county leaders will agree to pay them more money. >> meeting between the
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commission is happening tonight. cbs north carolina reporter emma wright joins us live from station 1 on main street in garner. emma, the chief says the pay increase is necessary. >> reporter: he does, so do the other firefighters. we talked with one firefighter who says an n addition to working here he also has to work three other part time jobs just to get by. he says increasing hours, low pay and increasing demands on the fire department are putting a strain on himself and his family. the chief says offering more money would also allow them to recruit new candidates to join the department in addition to making the current firefighters happy. the firefighters say more money now would really be a big help. >> three part time jobs. i work at a laboratory for a fire investigation company. i work at another company and part time at another fire
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>> reporter: the garner fire chief says he's going to ask the fire commission for $37,000 a year for all the firefighters. coming up, on the news at 5:30 -- we're going to hear from the chief, he's going to explain how he came up with that number and why he thinks it's necessary. for now reporting live in garner, emma wright, cbs north carolina. a family in aberdeen has one lucky dog has firefighters were able to save it during a house fire yesterday. these photos sent to us by the aberdeen times show them treating the dog with an oxygen tank. the call came in before 3:00 yesterday afternoon at a home on seymour street. two adults, three children live in the home but they were not there at the time. right now we don't know what caused the fire. breaking overnight -- officials in south korea say north korea fired several short range projectiles into the sea off its coast. the news came hours after the u.n. security council approved tough new sanctions on pyongyang for its recent
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these are the toughest sanctions for north korea in decades. today the unc board of governors will hold committee meetings at fayetteville state university. this comes just a day after new unc system president margaret spelling's tour of the campus yesterday. spellings has a lot of ground to cover. she says she plans to visit all 17 campuses in her first 100 days in office. >> the students have affection and affinity for this place, when you talk to them. >> and the rumors around a new name change, she says those decisions should be made by the college. galot, which stands for get a load of this will get a makeover.
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>> i raced here at 16 and it's just amazing what he's done and what level that he's brought the facility to. >> crews are working to get the park ready for events next month and official grand opening scheduled for later this year. it's now 5:08. a failed explosion claims the life of a north carolina couple. coming up, we hear from the man that risked his own life just trying to save them. >> a teacher in union county resigns after nude photos of her are leaked. after the break, you won't
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sharing these pictures. welcome back to your north carolina news. on this thursday morning. it's now 5:10. here's a look at the drive time forecast out the door now, 29 degrees. we're at 30 at 7:00 a.m.
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never thought i would say back to freezing. 36 at 9:00 a.m. hands down the coldest morning we've had all week long and will be the coldest morning as we head into the rest of the workweek and weekend ahead. the good news, we're dealing with clear skies. that is why we're so cold. 29 at the airport. no weather worries concerning the drive in. as you get ready, just make sure you take the heavier jacket. and the sunglasses, it will be pretty bright as the sun rises in about an hour and-a-half. here's the satellite and radar composite, clear skies up and down the east coast. you don't have to look far to see the next weathermaker. showers now spreading from arkansas into tennessee and mississippi. this is a cold front and it's going to bring big changes to our area. starting this afternoon. 29 now in raleigh. 28 durham. 32 lillington. 45 at lunchtime today, a high of 51. back to 46 and cloudy at 6:00 p.m. i'll break down when the chance of rain movers back into the
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time now 5:11. a union county teacher is without a job after private pictures of her were shared with students. leean author resigned last week from the union county career and technology center. she says a student took her phone off her desk and shared the photo with classmates. she's now receiving some messages that are not so nice. one saying you got what you deserved. arthur says the scandal has take an toll on her. >> it's been very emotional. you know, you are positive one minute, the next minute it's like, the last 12 hours is like -- do i have anything left? >> union county interim superintendent says arthur is at fault for the incident. as for the messages? the sheriff's department says the people responsible could face up to five years in prison. still ahead on north carolina news -- the florida teen accused of pretending to be a doctor is now facing more
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good morning on this thursday. north carolina news, top stories, early voting starts today and this is the first year you'll have to show your id in order to vote so keep it in mind. early voting runs through saturday, march 12th, the primary is tuesday, march 15th. >> dpeunl arrangements set -- funeral arrangements set for aki denkins for today, shot by a police officer. we learned more about the police officer. >> after nearly a yearlong mission in space astronaut scott kelly arrived back in the united states. he was greeted in texas by a
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twin brother mark, sister-in- law, gabreel gabrielle giffords and joe biden. reporter colleen hairy from our cbs affiliate in cleveland county spoke to the marine who did everything he could to save a family's lives. >> i can't sleep. i see that man, all he was doing, had his left hand across the rubble. >> reporter: to appreciate brian, you have to understand sunday. flames shooting up as he rushed towards a house, then an explosion rattled the area. >> i went in the yard, the house was just rubble, piled up sticks. >> reporter: he says an older gentleman, now know it was jb newton was sitting up against debris, fire raging beside him. >> i tried to hick pim up. he pushed med away. he said no, no, my wife.
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he went limp. >> two neighbors helped lift mr. newton over the fence. he went back for the man's wife. >> i got her - >> reporter: he says when he finally got the wall off naomi newton she was unconscious, he was exhausted but always a marine he is in other words the pain in his leg, lifted her and carried her to the fence. >> i leaned her head back, she was not breathing, i gave her a breath, i gave her a second breath, she took a deep breath and come to. >> reporter: the husband and wife were badly burned but still cognizant of each other. >> i want the family to know that -- that lady asked about her husband when she come to. the only thing he was thinking about was his wife. >> reporter: for a man who served four years in the military he says he doesn't consider himself a hero. he would do it again. >> he said there was people in there i didn't want anybody to
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i wanted to get them out. in massachusetts now -- police there are looking for the person, the driver, who hit a woman in a wheelchairened wheelchair -- whale and and drove off. sadly they can't make out the license plate on the camera so now asking the public for help. the victim remains in critical condition. the florida teen charged with practicing medicine without a license is now facing a new round of charges. prosecutors say malaki love- robinson stole from the elderly. now charged with stealing more than $34,000 from an 88-year- old woman and used the cash to run up credit card bills and pay off a car loan. but his larry says he's a -- his lawyer says he's a solid businessman. we have top rated primetime shows now. tonight's one of the busiest
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a lot of comedy. then the drama "life in pieces" 8:30. "mom" after that. 9:30 catch the latest "two broke girls," "elementary wraps up after that. and don't forget, north carolina news at 11:00 p.m. after "elementary." any questions? go to, all the answers are there. good morning once again. happy thursday, we're at 29 degrees and this is a live picture from our north carolina news tower cam in north raleigh. looking out over the beltline, just a few cars. it's now 5:19 so we're seeing a few more cars, hour by hour. let's first talk about the temperatures. 28 degrees now in durham. 28 ciler city. 26 sanford, at freezing in lillington, clinton and clayton. we've been steadily watching
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expecting to do so through the next hour or so. once we see the sun rise we'll be back to near freezing by 8:00 a.m. mix of sun and clouds at noon today. cool, 45. high today of only 51. what you'll notice into the afternoon, more cloud cover, that will eventually pave the way for wet weather to move in. but not until after sunset this evening. here's where the rain is now, it's back to our west across eastern portions of arkansas. moving into tennessee and northern portions of mississippi. that's a cold front, it's going to track into our area overnight tonight so the bulk of the rain will come through while we're sleeping. 7:00 a.m., clear skies, at lunchtime say partly cloudy, for the drive home, turning mostly cloudy. you can see back to our west they are expecting snow showers across the mountains with this system. i'm not expecting snow in central north carolina but i am expecting widespread rain at about midnight tonight. i do want to point out into the early morning hours of our friday, could be cold enough right along the virginia border
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wintry mix or snow mix in. they have winter storm watches in effect for the central portions of the state. the watches do not extends to our virginia border communities or into here into central north carolina. the good news is the rain is wrapping up fairly quickly. by friday morning, 8:30 a.m., rain around the 95 corridor. lunchtime we're dry but still looking at pretty cloudy skies. so how much rain are we talking? well, for some cases around central north carolina, 3/4 inch of rain, to closer to an inch. you can see the inch mark expected around clinton and goldsboro, also towards rocky mount as well. so for today, before all that arrives we're looking at increasing clouds, this afternoon 51 in raleigh. 50 durham and 56 in fayetteville. then rain likely, watching out for that wintry mix along the virginia border, low near 36 degrees. as we head into the coming days, 50 our high to wrap up the workweek but look at the weekend, the dry weather
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next week really is the winner here. 62 monday. 70 tuesday. 72 by next wednesday. we'll get to more on the forecast throughout the rest of the morning on your north carolina news. right now though we'll switch to traffic and looking at i-40 and airport boulevard. not a lot going on so if you have an early morning flight no problems on the roadways. one alert though on i-40 around exit 293, u.s. 64 exit and through exit 301, there's a little bit of work going on, on the shoulder so construction crews are out there. give crews plenty of room to cotheir work, merging over a few lanes, you can see now it's not causing delays. 5:22. back to you. north carolina state took on boston college last night. coming up in sports, the team's close call on the hardwood. >> championship dreams short lived for the unc women's basketball team. we look at the disappointing game play in greensboro. keep it here on north carolina
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welcome back. a buzzer beater saved face for the wolf pack last night. >> barely beating boston college at pnc. the eagles are dead last and winless in the acc this year. the pack was actually losing to bomb college at halftime -- boston college at halftime.
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500 on the season and finish the year at notre-dame saturday. getting ready for the game at duke as well. >> unc and duke face off for round two of the battle of the blues saturday night at cameron indoor. this photo wednesday shows a crowded k-ville. starts lined up after the winter break. duke won the first round in chapel hill by one point. we'll see what happens this time. the acc women's basketball tournament underway now in greensboro but the tar heels are already headed home. >> sylvia hatchel's squad came in with a low 13 seed and couldn't quite pull the upset over the 12-seed pittsburgh. panthers led most of the first half. heels took it though to overtime. pitt dominated the extra session winning 82-72. to nc state women, they spent wednesday in greensboro getting ready for their game tonight. they've had a better season though. earned a six seed in bye. and will face boston college at 8:00.
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to secure an ncaa bid. on the gridiron the wolfpack continues spring draining. >> eli drinkwood is the new coach. he led high powered attacks about boise state and arkansas state, his first order of business, to find a quarterback to take over for jacobi. 5:27 on your thursday morning. in our next half-hour -- emma? >> the garner fire department says they want to make more money. i'm emma wright. why the fire chief says it's so necessary, coming up. >> is the forecast going to stay this cold? alyssa corfont will let us know, plus all you need to know
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head out to work and school. today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to
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you're starting salary obviously is a major component
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>> right now on cbs north carolina, why a local fire chief wants pay raises for new hires. and why he thinks community growth means firefighters deserve more money. >> this morning we're uncovering new details about the deadly officer-involved shooting in raleigh. what we're learning about the officer and the suspect as well. >> plus this. >> he's i shoot you i said go ahead. >> that convenience store clerk stares down the barrel of a gun and doesn't back down. what she says got her to fight the would be robber. >> i cannot get enough of that lady. it's my favorite story of the day. good morning, thank you for watching north carolina news. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. we have a check of traffic but first the forecast. meteorologist alyssa corfont has that for us. good morning. >> good morning. we're starting off on a cold note because skies are much clearer than where we've been the past few mornings. you can see that clear as day
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no clouds here around central north carolina. we don't have to look farther to see the clouds, so right back to the west, and even snow across central portions of kentucky. nov expecting that snow in central north carolina but i am expecting extra clouds as we head throughout the day. let's talk about where it is now and it is at 29 in raleigh. 28 durham. 27 roxboro. mid-20s around south hill, henderson. around the sand hills, 31 fayetteville, 32 lillington and raeford, a very cold 30 degrees. here's the day in detail, out the door at 8:00 a.m., should be close to the freezing mark, today. 51 our afternoon high. year 59. pretty cloudy at sunset this evening, 46 by 6:00 p.m. i'll let you know exactly when some rain moves back into our area coming up in the complete storm team forecast. right now let's check traffic.


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